Are you a frequent traveler?

You can get super savings with the following Batamfast Season Pass offerings 1:

Value Pass (30 days) SGD 180
Silver Pass (90 days) SGD 520
Gold Pass (180 days) SGD 1,000
Platinum Pass (360 days) SGD 1,800

With BatamFast Season Pass, you get great value and enjoy the following privileges 2:

  • Unlimited travel between Singapore and Batam on our published trip schedules 3.
  • Valid at all Terminals (HarbourFront Centre, Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, Sekupang, Batam Center, HarbourBay, Nongsapura) 4
  • Valid for any trip, any day on weekdays, weekends and Public Holidays

Passengers with Season Pass just need to settle the SPDF ($7) and the Terminal Fee (IDR 65,000 for Batam Center, Sekupang, HarbourBay and Nongsapura)1 and the top up surcharge (if any)4 upon collection of their boarding pass from any of the Terminals they are departing from.

Sign up as a member now to get your BatamFast Season Pass and start saving money.

For more information about how to use and purchase this product, you can visit any of our check in counters or call our hotline at +6562702228 or +62 778 321120. Reach us via email at [email protected]

  • 1 Prices subject to change without prior notice
  • 2 Terms and Conditions Apply
  • 3 Subject to the terms of our published conditions of carriage and subject to seat availability
  • 4 Subject to top up surcharge for Harbourbay Sector

Terms and Conditions for Season Pass:

  1. Season pass is available for purchase at any of our check in counters (payment by cash, NETS or credit card accepted)
  2. Upon payment, a unique season pass number will be generated and assigned to each member.
  3. Season pass is valid from the date of activation and within the number days corresponding to product type purchased (Value/Silver/Gold/Platinum).
  4. Season pass covers unlimited travel from Singapore to Batam/Batam to Singapore at any time, any day (Including public holidays. However, it will always be based on availability of seats).
  5. Season pass is exclusive of Singapore Passenger Departure Fee (SPDF) and Batam Terminal Fee. These fees are payable upon issuance of boarding pass by our counters.
  6. Season pass MAY require top up fees and/or additional surcharge on some sectors, apart from the SPDF and Batam Terminal Fee, payable also upon issuance of boarding pass by our counters.
  7. Season pass can be used from all sectors (HFC, TMFT, BTC, SKP, HBB, and NPT).
  8. Season pass holders are considered as members but if they travel using the season pass, those transactions are not eligible to earn points under the loyalty points program.
  9. Once a member purchases a season pass, it is only for the said member’s exclusive use.
  10. Season pass is non-transferable, non-refundable, not eligible for extension and non-convertible to cash. Any unused amount from a season pass that is about to expire or that is expired is also non-refundable, non-transferable, not eligible for extension and non-convertible to cash.
  11. Season pass is not valid in conjunction with any other BatamFast ticket fare promotions.
  12. eTickets are issued on a per sector/departure basis. If in case a passenger needs a confirmed seat for the return trip, another separate booking must be processed.
  13. Season pass owners/holders are responsible for keeping us updated on their passport details. Any changes on any of their passport particulars must be submitted to us immediately. Otherwise, a season pass not carrying the current passport information of the owner would be temporarily invalidated until the passport information is updated.
  14. One season pass is equivalent to one set of passport information. A member who has more than one valid passport can only use the season pass that they have registered for purchase. They are not allowed to interchange the passport information with one season pass. However, they can purchase another season pass bearing their other passport information. Otherwise, they need to purchase cash ticket should they insist on travelling using another passport.
  15. Season pass owner/holder is responsible for keeping themselves updated with the complete general terms and conditions of carriage published on our website
  16. BatamFast reserves the right to make amendments on the general terms and conditions pertaining to the season pass product without prior notice.
  17. Season Pass holders must present their valid season pass official receipt to the counter before issuance of boarding pass.
  18. Trips booked under season pass are only valid until its expiration date. Once a booking processed under a season pass lapses, it cannot be rebooked or transferred on a date after the season pass expiry. Should a passenger wishes to refund the SPDF and/or the Batam terminal fee for the departure that was not utilized, refunds conditions apply and must be directed to our finance department for handling and processing.
  19. Bookings under season pass can be transferred on a different timing and different date, provided that the ferry is not full and the payment for the SPDF and/or Batam terminal fee is already made. Top up fee and/or additional surcharge may be applicable.
Updated as of 10 April 2015