About Batam Fast


Batam Fast Ferry Pte Ltd was established in year 1985. At the beginning, the company has purchased 2 high-speed passengers ferries, namely Bintan 2 and Bintan 3 with capacity of 60 passengers and 70 passengers respectively as a start off to its business operation, ferrying passengers from Singapore to Pulau Batam and vice versa.

Today, we have 26 ferries in total operating daily with 80 departure schedules between 6 Ferry Terminals, on 4 routes. The 6 Ferry Terminals are HarbourFront Centre Regional Ferry Terminal and Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore to / fro Ferry Terminal Batam Centre, Ferry Terminal Sekupang, Ferry Terminal HarbourBay and Ferry Terminal NongsaPura in Pulau Batam to provide a higher standard of comfort to meet and exceeds all latest requirements.

It is a mere 45 to 70 minutes ferry ride from Singapore to Batam and vice versa, with daily departures to Batam Centre, Sekupang, HarbourBay and NongsaPura in Pulau Batam. The regular ferry service provides foreigners and Indonesians ease of travel to and fro Batam via Singapore.

Below are the estimated times of travelling from port of call to next port of call.
Route Travelling Time
HarbourFront Centre Regional Ferry Terminal to / fro Batam Centre 55 to 70 minutes
HarbourFront Centre Regional Ferry Terminal to / fro HarbourBay 40 to 50 minutes
HarbourFront Centre Regional Ferry Terminal to / fro Sekupang 40 to 50 minutes
Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to / fro NongsaPura 40 to 50 minutes

All ferries are certified for the ISM (International Safety Management) Code in 1998 as directed by the IMO (International Maritime Organisation). Ferry seats capacity range from 140 to 338 passengers, each of the ferry is capable of running a speed ranging from 20 to 28 knots. All ferries are embarked to provide luxurious sea voyage, they are equipped with the latest in navigational control, air-conditioned, VIP room, In-house video and bar counter.

It is our fundamental to become a bridge between the Singapore and Pulau Batam. During the traveling journey, we ensure that sea voyage will be a safe, Fast, Comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Whether you or your clients are traveling on business, holiday or a short break, they will be able to relax in absolute comfort on board our ferries.

BatamFast has been and will continue to be a popular alternative to visit Indonesia anytime in absolute comfort and convenience.

For daily departure schedules and ticket price, please refer to our home page for details.