Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When can I use online check-in?
    You can use online check-in anytime as long as you can access to our website
  2. What is the cut off time for online check-in?
    Please note that you are required to make the reservation no later than one hour before your required departure time. All reservations are subject to availability of seats on the service for which you request a reservation, and you will not be given a reservation if no seats are available on the service.
    You must be at the Pre-Immigration gate with your boarding pass at least 30 minutes prior to departure in order to hold the reservation and seat assignment.
  3. Who is not eligible online check-in?
    • Children aged below 16 years of age without adult companion.
    • Passenger who have requested assistance for special needs.
    • Unable to provide full particular details.
  4. How many days in advance must I make a reservation?
    To ensure availability of seats, we kindly request our clients to make reservations / bookings as early as possible. Our online schedule is available three months in advance.
  5. How do I ensure my online booking is confirmed?
    To ensure your reservation is confirmed, full payment must be made within the due time. We reserve the right to make any changes to the reservation booked, or to cancel any reservations made on your behalf if payment is not reserved.
  6. Can I request pre-seating online?
    Sorry, there is no pre-seating in arrangement in our ferry.
  7. What should I do if I made an error in passenger’s details?
    You must ensure the details entered as per your travelling document. It is your responsibility to check these details with what you provided and notify us of any errors. Please contact BatamFast Call Centre on 62702228 in order to correct the mistake on issuing you the correct boarding pass. Otherwise Police at the Pre-Immigration gate will stop you from going to departure hall.
  8. Can I change or cancel my booking?
    Changing or cancelling your ticket cannot be done online. All ferry tickets are subject to the rules and restrictions you agreed to at time of purchase. For special price tickets are not allowed to change or cancel of booking. Please contact our call centre for any alterations in your travel planning.
    If you have booked your ticket through a travel agent, all requests, inquiries and changes prior to your departure should be made thru the travel agency.
    An online reservation may be cancelled or postponed on the basis of a notification sent directly to our Call Centre in writing, by fax or via email, quoting the reference number, departure date & departure time and journey details at least one hour prior to departure.
  9. What is the payment mode available for online transaction?
    We offer several payment options. Current payment options include all common credit cards, such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express and debit card and PayPal.
  10. Can I use more than one credit card for my transaction?
    Only one credit card can be accepted for each transaction. If multiple travellers wish to book the exact same itinerary and pay with different cards, individual reservations will have to be made.
  11. What can I do if credit card is declined?
    Your credit card may be declined, due to:
    1. Typo error
      Please enter the card details in the respective field. If the problem keeps arising, please note in which phase of the booking the error occurs plus the exact error reply and then contact our call centre.
    2. Technical error
      If it is not a typing error it could be that there is a technical error in the authorisation process, please retry and if the error continues, please select an alternative payment method (if available) or call our e-service desk.
    3. Lack of funds
      BatamFast is not informed about a possible lack of funds, but this could be reason for the refusal. In this case select an alternative payment method (if available) or contact your bank.
    4. Card expired
      Please be sure that your card is valid before the transaction is made.
  12. Do you accept payment by personal cheque at the check-in counter?
    Yes. It is defined in our system that bank transfer takes 2 business days. It means your seats reservation will only be reserved when the cheque is cleared.
    Therefore, we advise you to made payment via cash, net, debit card or credit card.
  13. What is e-Ticket?
    The e-Ticket is a paperless ticketing system. Booking and payment are made in the usual way, however there is no paper ticket issued and therefore no ticket to collect at the ferry Terminal or from your travel agent. Simply go straight to our Check-in counter and present your travelling document for boarding pass collection.
  14. Can I change or cancel my e-Ticket?
    Cancellation is strictly subject to fare condition of the ticket purchased. These conditions are determined by the fare group of the ticket, for special price tickets are not allow to change or cancel, which you can find on your booking confirmation. Before attempting to change or cancel your ticket, we kindly request that you first check the fare conditions.
  15. How do I change the name on an e-Ticket?
    All tickets issued are non-transferable and do not allow name changes.
  16. Can I request refund of e-Ticket if I am not traveling?
    If you do not wish to use your ticket, we will make the refunds in relation to the fare you paid for that ticket (subject to the conditions for refunds set out in our Terms & Conditions clause 6.2). Your claim for a refund must be made no later than 3 days after the last date on which your ticket is valid for travel.
    Please note that No refund is permissible if a confirmed reservation is not cancelled, charges will be equivalent to one way ferry fare. The Terminal Fees which are not used can be refunded but Surcharges remain non-refundable once ticket was issued. The conditions are the same for paper ticket was issued.
  17. What should I do with my luggage if I have check in via the e-ticket booking?
    You can use the baggage drop-off points for your baggage. If you are traveling with baggage and have printed your boarding pass by means of Internet check-in, you can proceed directly to the baggage drop-off points where a label will be attached to your baggage. Make sure that you have your boarding pass and passport. Please ensure that you have enough time to drop off your luggage.
  18. Can I get a refund for my Terminal Fee if my trip is cancelled?
    Yes, the Terminal Fee can be refunded.
  19. How do I know that my e-ticket booking has been successful?
    A Trip Summary and Receipt can be used to see that the e-ticket booking has been successful and to check your ticket details. After you booked an e-ticket, you will receive a Trip Summary and Receipt which holds all details of your booking and trip. You may also view your trip information by clicking on "My booking" on our homepage.
    In case you have any doubt about whether the information is correct, please contact the channel where you booked your ticket (your travel agent, the BatamFast call center or use to contact us). Upon request, an updated Trip Summary and Receipt will be sent to you.
  20. Where can I have my e-Tickets refund?
    • Tickets issued against Cash:
      A refund can be obtained from write in to finance/accounts as per stated in our T&C's. Requests for refund must be made in writing and presentation of identification together with ‘Trip Summary and Receipt’ and proof of payment.
    • Tickets issued by Travel Agents:
      A refund can be obtained from the concerned travel agent.
    • Tickets issued against Credit Cards:
      Refund for the tickets issued against credit card is made through credit slips only. The amount will be credited to your account by the credit card organization subsequently. All passengers are requested to keep safe custody of their tickets, as no refund is permissible against the lost cash value documents.
      Customer will be response to all bank charges when refund transaction is made.
    • Tickets issued against Debit Card:
      The passenger will surrender his / her ticket at BatamFast call centre and the amount would be refund to the passenger in cash. The ticket holder should show the debit card against which the ticket was purchased so that the debit card number on the ticket is verified to ensure that the refund is being given to a bona-fide customer.
    Please note that many tickets (most advance purchase - lower priced tickets) are non-refundable and have no value for future purchase.
  21. How can I purchase e-ticket or ticket voucher?
    Following options are available:
    1. Internet
      log on to, select the ‘Tickets’ menu, and make your selection from there. You will need your Client Reference Number from your card, postcode, and a valid debit/credit card.
    2. In Person
      by visiting our ticket office at HarbourFront Centre. Open daily from 0800 hrs to 2000 hrs.
  22. Can an agency choose between e-Tickets and paper tickets?
    Agencies will still have the ability to issue paper tickets if their customer prefers a paper ticket instead of an electronic ticket.
  23. What is eFAST card?
    The eFAST card look like standard plastic cards but are equipped with an embedded microchip. This chip can store information, carry out local processing on the stored data and perform complex functions. The eFAST card is use as: e-Ticket and e-boarding pass.
  24. How can I purchase eFAST card?
    The eFAST card is reserved to corporate clients of Batam Fast Ferry Pte Ltd that participate in this program. It is available to employees of companies that travel in our ferries.
    To receive the Cards, the Companies must complete and sign the Membership Form & Credit Terms Facilities, and send it, along with the corresponding deposit amount to the eFAST Card department.
  25. What is the privilege of becoming an eFAST card member?
    This card is the combination of e-TICKET and e-boarding pass, you will be alleviating from the queues at the check-in counter and direct enter to Pre-Immigration gate and boarding gate of Cruise Centre.
  26. What should I do if I lose my eFAST card?
    If your card is lost or stolen please immediately contact the call Centre on 62702228. This allow us to block cards that are reported as lost or stolen and immediately make them void, stopping anyone trying to use the card from accessing the online booking. Remember that until you report your card lost or stolen, you are liable for any transactions on your card account.
  27. Will I be charged for a new eFAST card?
    There is an S$5.00 charge for having a card replaced if the card was lost or stolen.
  28. What information is held on the eFAST card?
    Each Card bears the name of the company, name of the Cardholder and Passport Number.
  29. Is there an expiry date on the eFAST card?
    Six months before passport expiry date.
  30. What should I do if I encounter problem with my eFAST card on a departure date?
    Our Customer Service Officers are positioned at the check-in counter and will be able to assist with any issues you have.
  31. How do I make booking for person who does not have an eFAST card?
    If your friend does not have an eFAST card and wants to travel with you to Batam, you can buy the tickets at our counter.
  32. Can I purchase ticket for someone as a gift?
    Yes, you may consider purchasing a ticket voucher or e-ticket as a gift to someone.
  33. How do I change my address on my eFAST card?
    Please email your eFAST card number, your old address and your new address. We will update to our record accordingly.
  34. Can anyone in my family or colleagues use my eFAST card?
    No. eFast card is non-transferable and are valid only for the person whose name appears on the card. Supporting ID is required for entrance. However, multiple cards can be activated or you may purchase an e-ticket if you are traveling with these individuals.
  35. Can I still travel if I misplaced my eFast card?
    Yes! Just stop by check-in counter and receive a paper ticket. If you’ve misplaced your card permanently, a new card can be issued for an administration $5.00 fee.
  36. We are afraid if we start a purchasing card program, spending is going to get out of control and cards are going to be misused by employees. We have heard about cases of card abuse and fraud that results when you put cards in employees' hands. How your company going to prevent this matter?
    In response to these issues, we have developed more secure ways to prevent card abuse and fraud.
    1. You will be issued a unique number once you signed up as an eFast card member. This unique number contents your personal data. At anytime you use your eFast card to book online, you have to enter this unique number. When the number is verified, it will link to your account and the purchase is charged to you. Therefore, to avoid misuse, the Cardholder must ensure that the number is not disclosed to any person. If there is any suspicion of misuse of the number, the BatamFast Call Centre must be notified.
    2. Each card bears the name of the client, name of the Cardholder and passport number. The eFAST card is the combination of e-Ticket and RFID Card (boarding pass). Police at the Pre-Imm gate of Cruise Centre will verify the passport holder with our eFAST Card, should both are not matched, he / she will be rejected to enter to the departure hall.
    3. Since the non-cardholder has been rejected to enter Pre-Imm gate, your name will not be captured in Cruise Centre SPOS system. Hence, your account will not be generated in our billing statement.
    4. Every company will be granted with an amount of credit limit. At any time is the transaction is over the credit limits on each client / cardholder, the account will be cease and will not be able to book online.
  37. What happens if I have forgotten and type the wrong unique number?
    If you type in the wrong number three times, your number will become locked for a point of sale transaction. This means you cannot make any online reservation until you have unlocked your unique number. You should contact us for instruction on how to unlock it. We may need to re-advise you of your new number.