Group Booking

Travelling in a group of 10 or more?

We offer special fares and discounts in a group of 10 or more travelling together on the same departure and arrival to the same destination. Groups of 10 or more passengers booked on a single reservation can check-in individually in our e-booking. With this feature, families and large parties can avoid long check-in queues at ticket counters in our sales counter.

Please note that our group fares are not based on the fares that can be seen on our website and do not apply to certain restricted fares and route.

How to apply for a discount fare for group departure:

Option 1:
Click on the “Registration” link. By entering your itinerary to the information required, you are taking the first step toward applying for a group discount ticket fare for your individual or company.

Option 2:
Sending your request to [email protected] giving the following information:
  • Name of the company
  • Your name and contact information
  • Number of tickets you require
  • Departure date & time
  • Destination
  • Any additional questions

Our Sales Admin Assistant will contact you to discuss your business needs and submit you a fare proposal.

Group fares are quoted based on the specified travel dates and group size, and are subject to availability. Seats will not be reserved at the time of quotation. The fare will only be confirmed upon receiving full payment for the reservation.

Payment types:

The fare and seats will only be secure upon full payment. The group booking provides clients with a flexible and safe method of payment.

Electronic ticketing can be purchased online with ferry price automatically charged through to the following billing segment method:

  • Credit card method

If either the deposit payment or the balance payment is not made within the due time, we reserve the right to make any changes to the reservation booked, or to cancel any reservations made on your behalf.

To apply for a Group discount ticket fare with us, please contact our dedicated Sales Corporate department:

Call : (+65) 6270 0311 ext 200 or ext 217
Email : [email protected]
Business hours : Monday to Friday, 0900 hrs to 1730 hrs