As an appreciation to your support, Batamfast’s Loyalty Points Program will let you earn rewards as you purchase your etickets with us. No sign up fees and no maintenance fees as long as you stay as a member, we’ve got you covered.

Batamfast is committed to bringing you satisfaction with our added value services.

What it’s all about? Membership lets you enjoy perks and privileges right off the bat. At the same time, you earn points allowing you to redeem rewards. Interesting? It only gets better. More perks and rewards add up as we continue to find ways to keep you smiling.


Here are your benefits of enrolling in our loyalty points program:

  1. Rewards for accumulated points
  2. Exclusive prizes for occasional Members lucky draw
  3. Exclusive offers from partners
  4. Alerts on upcoming specials and events both in Singapore and Batam (*benefits may change in the course of the program)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I become a member and be a part of the Loyalty Points Program?

Simply register as a member on our website and fill up the e-application form, free of charge. Before completing the registration, the system will prompt you if you want to opt into our loyalty points program. After our system processed your application, a unique membership number, membership access and PIN will be sent to you via the email address you have registered. You can then start to enjoy the benefits. Alternatively, you can also fill up a paper application form and submit it to any of our counters. An email notification will be sent to you then for your membership details at least a day after you have submitted the application form.

If you are already a Member, then log into your profile and select “Participate in our Loyalty Points Program”.

Important: Please take note that our membership has a few categories:
  1. Those who have registered to use advance sms and online booking
  2. Those who have our season pass
  3. Those who have e-Fast memberships under corporate accounts

So if you are already an existing member and wants to join the Loyalty Points Program, you may send us an email and let us know that you want to opt in for it. If we do not receive any notification from you, then we will assume that you are not joining this particular program but would just maintain a normal membership.

2. How do I earn points?

For every $10 spent on ticket fare, you earn one point.

The more you travel and purchase etickets from us, the more you earn points, which would lead you to claim rewards. Remember that you can only earn the points from the etickets that you purchase for your own travel. If you pay for another traveler, you will not earn points. Your own accumulated points are equal to a certain reward. Visit our rewards list regularly to check for any additional rewards in the near future.

3. Why can I not buy tickets for my friends and earn points through them?

We are encouraging exclusivity therefore we want you to earn it and enjoy it yourself. Your friends can register as a member and enroll in our loyalty points program if they are interested.

4. I already have an eFast card. Can I also enjoy the loyalty points program?

Yes, as long as you have opted in to earn the loyalty points program. For now, eFast card holders are our corporate members that do not pay out any cash to our counters, but billed by Batamfast to your company. The points that you earn will depend on the ticket fare that is being billed. However, the points and rewards are only redeemable by the member itself.

5. I am a season pass holder. Do I get to earn points?

Once you book using your season pass, you do not earn points as you are already enjoying unlimited travel for 31 days. Please take note that earning points would depend on how much you have paid for the ticket fare itself. Season pass only requires you to pay for a one time purchase of $180 that covers both the ticket fare and surcharge for 31 days of unlimited travel. A season pass will only require you to settle the $6 Passenger departure fee from Singapore and $8 or $6 terminal fee from Batam. You can still enjoy the other perks even if you do not earn points. And once you enroll in the loyalty points program, in at any point that you decide to purchase an eticket not using your season pass, you earn the points.

6. What if I want to cancel the loyalty points program? How can I cancel?

You can cancel being enrolled in the loyalty points program at any time. Just give us the proper notification by sending us an email providing us your passport particulars and the reason why you want to cancel the program. Please take note that once you opt out from the program, the outstanding benefits, rewards and points that you earned are also cancelled and are non-transferable and non-convertible to cash. However, even if you cancel the loyalty points program, you still remain as a Batamfast member. Being a member you can still enjoy the other perks and privileges set for all members (advance sms booking/priority boarding).

7. What if I want to cancel the entire Batamfast membership?

You can do so by giving us a proper notification via email. Once we receive the cancellation notice from you, we will be heartbroken as we strip you off the wonderful privileges (unclaimed rewards, points, exclusive invites, surprise treats, etc) as a member. Please be reminded as well that there are no joining fees or maintenance fees thus giving you less things to worry about.

8. What if I want to stay as a member and enjoy the benefits but I do not want my information to be used on any other marketing campaigns?

All you have to do is to opt out in receiving news and alerts that has nothing to do with your booking with us (promotion alerts on specials and offers from our partners). But you can always opt in again if you feel like you want to be in the loop. Just let us know!

Have we missed out on anything? Please feel free to drop us an email at [email protected]. We will get back to you as soon as possible! For those existing members who need further clarifications, please quote us your membership number and/or your passport number so that we can check your membership details as we attend to your queries.


  1. Membership
    1. Membership is open to the public aged 16 years old and above.
    2. Membership is presently free of charge.
    3. Membership loyalty program commences upon the actual date of issuance of membership. For those registered members via our public sms and online booking, an email notification will be sent out to their registered email address/addresses to give them the option if they want to be enrolled in the loyalty program. Once the registration is sent out, the membership loyalty scheme applies on the same date that we receive an acknowledgment from the member.
    4. All passengers registered for online and sms booking are automatically recognized as members. However, they will be given the option to choose whether to be enrolled in the loyalty points program (earn points and rewards) and to choose the alerts that they can receive. For those not yet registered on our online and sms booking, membership applications are accepted via registration at our website. We can also accept the membership applications at our counters.
    5. Members will be issued their own unique membership number which will be identifiable with the passport details of the member. Any amendments on the passport information must be submitted and completed, prior to purchase of any new eticket. Otherwise, points and rewards will not be credited to the membership, even after the change/s is/are made.
    6. Members can only maintain one membership account and is non-transferable. Shared memberships are also not allowed.
    7. Member's data (passport detail, mailing address, contact information, etc.) must be up to date - to ensure correct information upon any type of verification deemed necessary in sending alerts, newsletters, notifications, redemption of rewards and issuance of prizes. To update any information, it must be done via email request or at any of our check in counters. For updating the passport details, please scan a copy of the new passport (if request is done via email) or bring your passport (if request is done via check in counters) to validate.
    8. Batamfast reserves the right to temporarily suspend or terminate a membership or exclude the member from earning points, redemption of rewards and further participating in any activities or event if:
      1. If member has shown verbal or physical abuse to anyone (against any Batamfast staff, terminal staffs, authority, co-passengers, agents) in the result of their own misbehaviour in any of our trips and in any of our Singapore and Batam counters and/or any damage to property on any ferry, counter or terminal.
      2. If the member has declared any false information or acted fraudulently to acquire additional points and rewards.
      3. If the member has violated any term or rule of membership of the Batamfast loyalty program.
      If the membership is revoked or terminated permanently, all remaining points may be used one last time, provided that it will be sufficient for any reward/s available.
    9. Membership can be cancelled at any time by giving the proper notification as instructed on the website and is free of charge. However the outstanding benefits, rewards and points are cancelled upon acknowledgment of cancellation.
    10. Membership automatically ends upon death of the member. Rewards and benefits are non-transferable and non-convertible to cash.
    11. A membership will be archived under the following circumstances:
      1. Passport is expired and no notice of passport renewal was submitted to us three months before the passport expiration date.
      2. If there are no further activities on the account within one year from the last transaction.
        Reviving the membership accounts under these circumstances will not be allowed and points and rewards credited to these accounts will be written off.
        If a particular member wants to come back to the program:
        A new membership application must be submitted and a new membership number will be issued, thus will be considered a new membership regardless if the member details (name and passport information and passport validity) did not change.
  2. Earning Points and Redeeming Rewards
    1. Batamfast's system is designed to calculate the number of points to be earned per eticket purchase via online or at any of the Batamfast counters.
      Currently, the point system is as follows:

      SGD$10 = 1 POINT

      For every 20 points earned, member earns one 2-way complimentary e-ticket valid for weekday use only - PHs not included (excluding surcharge, pdf and Batam terminal fee):

      20 POINTS ONE 2-WAY COMPLIMENTARY E-TICKET (valid for weekdays use only – PHs not included)
    2. Upon reaching 20 points, member can redeem the reward (e-ticket) anytime via walk in purchase on the spot.
    3. Once a reward is redeemed, rewards counter automatically deducts the reward and the used points from the member’s account.
    4. Rewards, complimentary tickets, points and prizes are non-convertible to cash.
    5. The reward of 2-way complimentary eticket is only valid for weekday travel (excluding public holidays).
    6. Rewards, points and prizes are non-transferable.
    7. Points expiration date is one year from the date the points are earned. The member is responsible for keeping track of the expiration dates of their earned/accumulated points. The member may check their points and rewards details via logging in to the website. Any unclaimed points and rewards will be forfeited once it expires.
    8. Rewards and points will be automatically written off if not used or claimed within the next 12 months upon earning and issuance. Even if membership is dependent on the validity of the passport of the member, points are only valid for one year upon the point is earned. Points counter will be reset back to zero should the points and rewards are not redeemed.
    9. Member’s point utilization is on a first in-first out basis.
    10. Any type of refunds (cash or credit) detected from a member’s account will automatically cancel out the points earned from the original transaction.
    11. Eligibility of earning points are as follows:
      1. Members who purchase regular fare etickets on walk in counters and/or online
      2. Members who purchase discounted etickets online. However any ‘zero fare’ tickets are not eligible to earn points
      3. eFast members under corporate accounts who use either their eFast account or personal cash/credit card eticket purchase
      4. Transactions under season pass are NOT eligible to earn points
  3. General Conditions
    1. The Batamfast membership loyalty program rules, regulations, awards and points systems may change without prior notice. However, all rewards and points earned prior to any changes will remain to be credited to the member even if it may affect the overall value of the rewards and points to be carried over to the new program.
    2. Rewards are always subject for changes, based upon the availability of the items.
    3. Batamfast reserves the right to make any changes, whether to eliminate or add any rule from the existing program, or to terminate the overall program without prior notice. Batamfast is not liable to its members for any loss of value, points, benefits or rewards that may arise as a result of any changes made to the program.
    4. Members are responsible for keeping themselves informed about the general terms and conditions of carriage and other items pertaining to our services other than the membership loyalty points program. Please refer to for the complete listing.
    5. Batamfast is not responsible for any transactions made by the members themselves with any of our partners apart from the rewards accumulated by the members in this program.
    6. Members are responsible for the third party charges on their trips such as surcharge, Singapore passenger departure fee and Batam terminal fee and any other type of fees imposed by any of the Batamfast partners upon availing of their rewards or benefits that they acquired from the program.
*updated as of 30th December 2017