Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the benefits if I sign up for BatamFast Corporate?
    You can enjoy flexible fares which is only available in BatamFast Corporate. Furthermore, you can make last minute changes for the guest name, trip date or time, up to 2 hours before trip departure; strictly a perk for corporate users only.
  2. Do I enjoy additional savings as compared to other carriers?
    Yes, our fares are at least 20-30% lower as compared to published rates of domestic economy class fares of other carriers and even up to 50% lower for international flights.
  3. Do I enjoy BatamFast's promotional fares by signing up for BatamFast Corporate?
    Due to the nature of our promotional fares (no name change and prior booking of up to 3-6 months in advance) these fares are not applicable for corporate travellers.
  4. What other benefits can I enjoy?
    We do arrange refreshment of your choice & priority boarding to ferry.
  5. How do I sign up for BatamFast Corporate?
    You can submit your registration form can be found on the website and our Corporate representatives will attend to you.
  6. How will I know if I am eligible for BatamFast Corporate?
    You will need acquire at least SGD 5,000 worth of BatamFast trip per annum.
  7. What happens if my account is inactive and I don't acquire the stated amount?
    There will be a 1% penalty imposed upon non-achievable usage.
  8. What payment options do I have?
    You can either use credit cards (Visa/Master) or your agency's prepayment account.
  9. What is your agency's prepayment account?
    Your agency will need to deposit a minimum of SGD 5,000 to open the account and the total is subsequently deducted every time a booking is done.
  10. How do I top up the balance when my agency's prepayment is low?
    Your agency will need to deposit an additional amount into the given account number and then email or fax the bank-in slip to our Finance Department, together with your Corporate ID information.
  11. How do I monitor this Corporate prepayment account?
    It will be reflected in the booking system. The balance will be updated and displayed once you've made a payment.